Adam H. – How to Sell Your Property for a Few Extra Grand

If you’ve decided to sell your house or apartment, even if you are eager to get it done, real estate executive Adam Hochfelder recommends not hurrying things. It is best to first make some small fixes polish up your property because this can increase your selling price for a few thousand more, rather than selling your apartment without making any improvements.

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Be prepared to invest, for example, about 2,000 $ for repairs or improvements to the apartment, so you can then sell it for 5,000-10,000 $ more. Adam Hochfelder believes you should think in real estate developer stages because it’s the best plan. During the first phase, you can take care of those bigger things, and only then move to the smaller adjustments which may not seem so important, but can, in fact, be crucial to potential buyers.

You can start off by getting rid of all the unnecessary items and furniture. This phase requires physical strength, but it is truly important because the prospective buyer would want to imagine how his home will look like, and your battered and used furniture fits nowhere here. Be thorough. Boxes with things left at the corners give the impression of something old and used, and simply leaves a bad impression. Clean up and clear out everything and you’ll see Hochfelder was right telling you this.

Once you’ve emptied the house, it is time to paint the walls and bring back their original splendor. Embellish the apartment and adorn it so that it looks fresh and pretty, just like when you initially bought it.  Square foot, especially in the capitals, is not cheap at all, and every client wants to have the impression that he went well. Painting is a small investment that can increase the demanding price for at least 500 to 1,000 $.

Complete preparation of walls, removing wallpapers, smoothing and painting won’t cost you even half of that, and if you have the skills to do it yourself, you’ll spend almost nothing, and the price of your apartment will yet grow.

Adam H. – How to Sell Your Property for a Few Extra Grand