Adam Hochfelder on Energy Efficiency Housings

Until recently, there weren’t many residential buildings in New York with an A+ category of energy efficiency. Adam Hochfelder, New York City real estate specialists are thrilled to introduce the opening of two more A+ energy efficiency buildings, located near the new University campus, with a total of 22 apartments and two offices. This is a video presentation of the Thrive charity opening event. When Adam Hochfelder was asked what makes this complex so special, different and innovative, he witty answered that we can all find out on an opening day.

The location itself is one of the biggest priorities of the project. The complex is located within a walking distance of all the necessary infrastructures such as kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, the largest city park, sports halls, open sports fields with an athletic track, banks, post offices, restaurants, cafes with terraces, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and so on. For Adam Hochfelder, this complex has a prime geographical location, just a few blocks from the city center and about the same distance from the train station.

The building has a modern design, well adjusted to the surrounding, and as Adam Hochfelder emphasis the buildings are included in the A + energy efficiency category, which means that the annual consumption is brought to a minimum which not only saves money but also has a positive impact on the surrounding because it’s eco-friendly.

Each apartment, depending on its size, has one, two or three parking spaces. From the ground floor to the third floor there are flats and one commercial space on the ground floor. In addition to the building modern design and unusual layout, Adam Hochfelder reveals that what makes the complex so special is that most of the apartments have a direct entrance from the elevator, while the penthouses have their own roof terrace.

In an recent interview with Adam Hochfelder, Observer Magazine shared that the attractiveness of this project hides in the sustainable development solutions, the solar initiatives, energy efficient and eco-friendly face of  the entire project that  makes New York not just smart but sustainable.

Adam Hochfelder on Energy Efficiency Housings

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